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(I work at a restaurant for elderly people at a retirement home and an old couple comes down)
Me: hello there welcome to (restaurant name) how may I help you?
(The couple order and I bring their food out when it’s done)
Elderly woman: this isn’t what I ordered!
Me: Yes it is ma’am.
Elderly woman: no it’s not!
Me: what did you or- (my moms a nurse here and she calls me over.)
Mom: honey you work at a retirement home of course she doesn’t remember.
Me: well what do I do then?
Mom: (gives me a piece of paper) write down what you gave her then she’ll eat it.
Me: what if she’s allergic to it?
Mom: what did you give her?
(I tell her what I gave her)
Mom: she’s not allergic to that.
Me: okay.
(I do what my mom says and it works. Btw my mom works with her so she knows what she’s allergic to.)