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We just got in her new bed Saturday and the next day I was nursing our four month old when my husband sat on his side of the bed and it seemed to swallow him as it broke. We called in about the broken railing, a piece that was connected to the storage baseboard. The first lady we talk to said that we could brace it until they could bring the replacement part on Thursday. We moved the mattress to put the bracing downs for the slats and found that some of the slats and support beams were also broken, so I called back. This time the gentleman was very blunt and said that everything would be fine we shouldn’t have to worry. Thursday came around and they brought the replacement baseboard but they didn’t bring a replacement slats or beams because it wasn’t in the order, so our tech asked us to call customer service which I did and this was the resulting call.

Me: *explaims the whole story*

CS Rep: I’m sorry about that, it’s certainly an inconvenience. Just give me a moment and I’ll see what I can do.

Me: Of course, it must have just been a miscommunication on one end or the other, I’m sorry about the hassle.

CS Rep: It’s no hassle, I’m sorry there was confusion. I’m sorry for the inconvenience I’m going to send a emergency tech out today with the replacement parts. They should call in about an hour.

Me: Thats perfect, I’m here all day so I’ll be ready. Do you need anything else from me?

CS Rep: No ma’am, thank you for being so understanding. I’m very sorry about the bed breaking, it must have been frightening.

Me: It was, you were so much help thank you!

Definitely made my day much better and the techs we had were so sweet too. Thank you kind service rep for being so sweet