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(I am a volunteer at the non profit cafe where this takes place, during rush hours, when we are absolutely overwhelmed and there’s a wait time for all fried dishes of about 25 mins)
Customer: I want the fried rice.
Me: Sure, there is a 25 min wait for all the fried foods though, is that alright with you? :)
(there is still the option to change the order or to leave, and he must’ve realized his friend who’d ordered a chicken curry before him didn’t have a waiting time since it wasn’t fried)
Customer: 25 min?! Wait, but… like can’t you make the food together?
Me: … Umm he ordered a chicken curry, and you’ve got the fried rice…?
Customer: Yea, so why can’t you make them together?
Me: … Um? But they are different dishes?
Customer: Yea, but and? You can just make them together right??
(I’m not kidding, he repeats the same question over, and well… at this point, I was just very confused by what he wants, because how do you make two separate dishes together to speed up the process? Curried fried rice? what?)
Me: No but, he’s got the chicken curry, which isn’t fried and can be made by the assistant chefs as well (and curries are premade cause they would take forever otherwise), but the fried ones are made by the main chef and-
(I kid you not, he cut me off like that, complete with an eye roll and head shake)
Me: … Thank you
(We were having trouble with the chip and pink machine)
Me: Yes. I know.

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