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(This happened while I worked at the city zoo during the rainy season. It is very common in Florida for sudden and extreme thunderstorms to happen during this time and can last from five minutes to several hours. One rolled through and the restaurant was packed with people trying to get out of the storm and deciding to get food while they waited it out.
Note: the restuarant I worked at was the bigger of the two in the zoo and has three sections of tables as well as a covered area right against the wall of the building outside with tables and the open air seating along with the section in the middle for the maze and two aisle that lead from the doors to the counter.)

Customer: *comes up to the counter and speaks a bit rudely* Excuse me, do you have any more seats?
Me *as one of the people passing out food and helping cashiers with fill their drink orders and having to shout over the noise*: Um, if you can’t find a seat inside there may be ones just outside against the wall that aren’t in the rain?
Customer: No! There aren’t any seats out there. We already looked!
Me: Then I’m sorry, ma’am we don’t have anything else.
Customer: Well you should have more seats! *walks away*
Me: ?? *looks at the packed restaurant with very little standing space left and at least a dozen customers trying to stay out of the way while they wait for there food* *to my coworkers and customers in earshot* Where would we put them?