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(I have been alone at the insurance office I work at, the phones have been ringing off the hook and nearly every call has been something ridiculous)
Customer: Hello, I need help on my claim.
Me: Of course what can I do for you?
Customer: I need to have my claim expedited, I dropped my car off at the shop and I want to pick it up by tomorrow.
Me: Of course, can I have your last name to look up your claim?
Customer: It is under (Name on the Account).
(After a few moments of waiting the claim is up on the screen.
Me: Ok, sir looking at this you are going to need to call the adjustor that is working on your claim. I can also call as well if you’d like.
Customer: I just called (the Adjustor) an hour ago. She hasn’t called back yet.
Me: I apologize but the adjustors are very busy and can take up to 24 hours to return your call.
Customer: This is unacceptable, I have been with (Well Known Insurance Company) for several years. Is this how they treat their loyal customers? By ignoring their calls?
Me: I apologize sir, but they have many claims to deal with daily and they are on the East Coast, their offices are closed now. I will call and leave a message as well so that I can make sure she calls you ASAP.
Customer: I need my car fixed now!
Me: I understand, when did you drop off your car? If it has been several days I may be able to speak with another rep about this?
Customer: I dropped it off last night. The mechanic said that they needed to get some parts and a payment from the insurance company.
Me: Did they send over the estimate.
Customer: I just got off the phone with them and they have not sent it yet.
Me: For them to proceed they need a copy —
Customer: (Interupting my) This is ridiculous if they are going to keep ignoring my calls and not fix my car by tomorrow I will change carriers.
Me: I understand that it is frustrating and I am calling to see the ETA from the Adjustor as soon as I can. Are you without a car right now? That is important for them to know.
Customer: No I’m driving my other car right now, I just want my car back.
Me: (Name of Company) I know that you want this fixed and I will make some calls to see what I can do for you, but in the mean time the adjustor will get back to us within 24 hours.
Customer: I can’t believe how they are treating their loyal customers.
Me: (Getting Exasperated at this point) I am sorry about all of this and I will do everything I can to get this claim finished ASAP.
Customer: Fine, but I may pay out of pocket to fix my car, if I do I am leaving finding a new insurance company. If it isn’t paid by tomorrow I will fix it myself.
Me: I’m very sorry about this, I will do everthing I can to make sure that this goes smoothly for you.
Customer: Ok, fine. Good bye. (Disconnects)
(I hang up the phone wondering why this was such a difficult conversation)

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