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(I am driving a public bus with a large “Off Service” display on the front and back of the bus. I’ve also put of some bright yellow boards just inside the doors, again stating “Off Service”.)
Me: *stops bus at red light, coincidentally by a bus stop, but not right next to it.*
Random Guy: *walks into the street and pounds his fist against one of the doors*
Me: *jumps, and gestures that I’m not on service*
Random Guy: *screams, so I can faintly hear him* “OPEN THE F****** DOOR!!”
Me: *shaking my head*
Random Guy: “F*** YOU! YOU GOTTA LET ME ON!!”
(Someone, presumably his brother or his friend, pulls him away and points at the yellow board with big, black letters, “Off Service”. The rude guy looks surprised, then turns away and stomps off, not even giving me any kind of apology. His companion shrugs at me, mouths “sorry” and leaves.)

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