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(I’m working a queue at the tills, a customer and I are chatting happily until…)
Customer: I paid you with a £10 note, you short-changed me £5!
Me: Ma’am, you gave me a £5 note, I even note it so it’s on your receipt.
Customer: Don’t lie to me! It was a £10!
Me: I’ll get the float counted for you.
Customer: You will not waste my time and give me my money!
Me: Ma’am, only a keyholder or higher can open the drawer without a transaction, and since I do not agree with you the till must be counted by a member of the management team.
(This goes back and forth for a moment, with me holding my ground until the supervisor arrives)
Supervisor: Is there something wrong?
Customer: I paid £10! Not £5!!
Me: I disagree, I need the till counted.
Supervisor: All right, ma’am, this will be a moment, [my name] go and stock some shelves until I get back.
Customer: I have no time for this!
Supervisor: All right, how about I take your name and number then, and I’ll call you with the result.
(I go to a nearby section to tidy it up when the customer shoves the receipt in my face)
Customer: I want you to sign this so they know who did this.
Me: Ma’am, my name is printed on the receipt already because I served you.
Customer: Where!?
(I take the receipt and underline where it says ‘You were served by [my name]’)
Me: There you are.
(The customer fumes off, the till turned out to be a little up, but the store manager checks the camera to find that I clerly put a note into the £5 slot, and there were no £10 notes in that drawer. I am shown this footage myself, before the supervisor calls the customer, not long afterwards.)
Customer: I’m back because I got a call.
Me: Yes ma’am, my supervisor called to say that you definitely paid with a £5 note, it was clearly seen on the camera, since £5 are green and £10 notes are orange.
Customer: What!?
Me: I saw the footage myself, alongside our store manager and the supervisor who spoke to you.
Customer: Where is she (the supervisor) I won’t talk to a liar like you!
Me: Fine.
(I call out the supervisor, who not only confirms the statement, but she pointed to the camera that proved it, the customer never apologised to me for her baseless accusations)