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(In my supermarket the customer service department is run by the checkout supervisors. I am currently at the cigarette kiosk at the front of the store training an employee to run the kiosk. A customer barges his way to the front of the queue and interrupts the trainee speaking to the customer they are serving.)

Customer: I want a 20 pack of B&H Silver.

Trainee: I’m sorry sir but I’m currently serving this customer. If you could please get in the queue I’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Customer: I need them now.

Me: I’m sorry sir but my colleague is right. This customer was here first and you did push your way to the front of the queue. Please join the queue properly and we’ll get to you soon.

Customer: I don’t have time for this, I’m reporting you both.

(The customer walks off. I had just about finished with my colleagues training and we agree that she is ready to go solo for a period and I return to the checkouts. I’m working behind the customer service desk when the rude customer turns up again.)

Customer: Get me the manager.

Me: Certainly sir, just one moment.

(I leave the customer service desk and exit through to the main part of the store. I approach the customer with a big smile on my face.)

Me: Hello sir, I understand you’d like to speak to a manager, how may I help you today?