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(a man walks up with a crock pot and a few cans of cat food to the service desk)
Me: Hi, what can I do for you?
Man: (begins to set his stuff on the counter) My wife will be over in a couple of minutes. She has the receipt and she’s grabbing the right cans of cat food since I got the wrong kind.
(I notice a customer waiting in line behind him)
Me: No problem! Do you mind if I help the customer behind you while we’re waiting for her?
Man: (slightly upset) I guess so.
(I help the customer. The man then points out his wife across the store and mentions that she’s almost here. But I asked if he wouldn’t mind if I quick grabbed the next customer that was there waiting. While I was helping the customer, the wife arrived and didn’t seem too pleased that she wasn’t helped right away. I quickly finish the order and return their crock pot and exchange their cat food.)
Me: Anything else at all I can do for you?
Wife: Yes. I need 4 stamps.
Me: Okay. That will be $1.96
(she’s fiddling through her change for money.)
Wife: Go get the stamps while I’m counting.
Me: Okay.. (I usually wait till they pay to grab them)
(she hands me 2 dollars and i’m about to give her her 4 cents when she puts 10 pennies on the counter. I’m confused by this on whether she was trying to make it so she’d have less change back or if she just wanted me to give her a dime. Since some people exchange coins for bigger ones to keep their coin purses less cluttered.)
Me: (trying to figure out what to do and the stress of having a huge line of people behind her starts to weigh on me) uh.. (looking back at computer to try and figure out how 10 cents would make a difference to the 4 pennies I’m about to give her)
Woman: It’s 10 cents so that’s a dime obviously! (getting aggitated)
Me: Yeah, i’m sorry.. We’re you trying to make change smaller?
Woman: It’s 10 cents! Its simple math!
Me: i’m sorry, i’m just stressed out..
Woman: i’m not being rude! It’s easy to do!
Me: yeah.. But..
Woman: BUT WHAT?
Me:… Nevermind.. Here’s your 10 cents.
(I really was close to saying something, politely of course, about how she didn’t need to be rude to me. But, I was so worried she’d complain about me being “rude”)