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(I work in a store at the customer service desk and am answering the phone. My store has a small electronics section, and while I’m not the most tech savvy I am a gamer and know about some of the current gaming systems and games.)
Customer over the phone: I need to know if you have games for the Nintendo
Me: Which game system? They have a couple out right now. Did you need games for a 3DS or a WiiU?
Customer: For the Nintendo!
Me: … Right, but Nintendo is the company and they have a couple different systems, so I need you to be more specific.
Customer: I don’t know, the Nintendo! It has controllers!
(I assume they mean a Wii and let them know that we do carry Wii and WiiU games, and am about to let them know I can transfer them to electronics so the guy there can help them find out what we actually have in stock)
Customer: No, not the WiiU! I need games for the Nintendo! You can play Mario on it!
Me: (Still not entirely sure what it is they are trying to buy games for, since Mario games basically go across every Nintendo console you can buy) … okay well the 3DS and WiiU both have Mario games. But we do sell games for both of those from Nintendo.
Customer: But I need games for the Nintendo! The one with the controllers!
Me: (Gives up and tells them we do carry them)

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