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[Im sitting with my mom and brother, we had just ordered our food and we were waiting quietly when a same sex couple with children walks in. An elderly couple is sitting in nearby seats eating their meals. The elderly woman is glaring at the family. At this point the same sex couple, if I may add they were both female with a son and daughter, were sitting patiently waiting for someone to take their family’s order. This is when the chaos starts…”
Elderly woman (speaking to the couple): Are you two sisters?
One of the women: Oh, no no no. We’re engaged. *she holds up her hand displaying the engagement ring with a smile*
Elderly woman: Oh. *she begins to call over a waiter*
Elderly woman (speaking to the waiter): Ma’am those women over there are disrupting me and my husbands meal. Can you ask them to leave?
At this point I was angry and getting ready to say something. My brother was giving me this look like “what should we do” but than the waiter replied.
Waiter (to the elderly woman): Oh, how were they disrupting you?
Elderly woman: Well they’re disgusting! They’re both women but they’re raising children! AND they’re engaged! I don’t want to see that in public! Keep that behind closed doors!!
Waiter: I’m so sorry, I’ll go do something about it.
I was about to burst. I was motioning to my mom that we should pay and leave but than I heard this.
Waiter (speaking to the family): Are you guys okay? Was this woman *motioning towards the elderly couple* disturbing you?
The other woman in the couple (not the one who showed her the ring): Oh, I’m not sure. Was she dear?
The woman (who showed the ring earlier): She was just being rude. It’s okay. We’re used to it. Do we have to leave?
Waiter: Oh, well I sincerely apologize for her behavior. You do not have to leave.
Elderly woman (she’s been eavesdropping this whole time): are you kidding me????? They’re disturbing everyone in here!!
Waiter: I’m afraid you have it all wrong. You’re the one disturbing people here.
Waiter (now speaking to the family): I am so sorry. I’ll find you some new seats so you don’t have to sit next to this woman.
Now the little girl in the same sex family was about to cry. I’m guessing she was pretty sensitive to this stuff. Her brother was staying pretty silent. Guess he didn’t mind it as much but he still looked shaken.
Me (speaking to the couple): Are you guys okay?
Both of them nodded simultaneously and reassured me it was fine. They got new seats and the little girl enventually calmed down. The elderly couple left the restaurant shortly after with a few words to the counter
Elderly man: We won’t be dining here again!
Man working at the counter: glad to hear it. We don’t want you here.
He went pale and had a a flustered face.
Keep in mind the guy working at the counter was pretty young, but I still can’t believe what he said after the couple left.
Guy at the counter (under his breath but loud enough to hear): get rekt m8

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