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So I haven’t been very secretive about my disdain for carry out anything in the Georgetown area. Usually placing orders online to PapaJohns.com has been my safe haven. I wish I was kidding but over 90% of every take out order I’ve made at no matter what restaurant has been goofed up. Not in small ways, but fairly obvious. Cracker Barrel forgets the fries on a burger order, every time. Forgets the salad that was ordered or the dressing for my wife, nearly every time. The Ruby Tuesdays managed to mix the toppings on our burger orders so half of my burger was on my wives and vice versa. Then there is O’Charleys which tends to forget half a standard orders toppings or the drinks, or the side items. Which makes me think with all of the consistency if it isn’t the same cooks who just bounce between restaurants making the same mistakes over and over.

Anyways, the Papa Johns was at least my safe haven. I would place the online order, and always gave an 8 to 10 dollar tip to the driver because they did great. Till lately. I would like to blame the site, or maybe the cook. It definitely isn’t the driver, they show up promptly without our drinks. The cook forgets the sriracha sauce on a sriracha pizza. The cinna knots are garlic parm knots, which has happened twice.

I wish I could say I was “that” customer and I’ve managed to piss off every carry out server or location. Yet, I can’t because I tip well even to carry out orders. I’m always patient and polite. I just apparently have crap luck.

The place we liked to go and sit down that was out of the way, Sarge’s Galley, just burned down too. I swear, I’m not having any luck with restaurants in Georgetown, KY.