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(I’ve been working at a popular retail store for a few months. This day in particular I was helping to train a new girl on the register. Its late at night about 30 minutes before we close. I hear my trainee call me over to her register where two men are waiting.)
Trainee: “They want to return these shoes, but they still have the security tag on them.”
Me: “Sir you want to return these shoes? Then why do they still have the security tag?”
(The gentlemen do not speak much English and after much confusion they tell me that the shoes they were returning, he put them back on the shelf.)
Me: “Sir you put the shoes on the self?”
(He nods his head)
Me: “I’m sorry sir, but we have to have the merchandise before we can return an item.”
Customer: “So you need shoes?”
Me: ” Yes sir, we have to have the shoes.”
Customer: ” I go get shoes?”
Me: “Yes sir, we have to scan the shoes in order to do a return.”
(I take the new shoes off the counter while the customer goes to look for the shoes, at this point we are closing in 10 minutes. After 20 minutes go by, the man finally returns with no shoes.)
Customer: “I can’t find my shoes.”
Me: “Okay sir, I’m sorry but we cannot exchange them then.”
Customer: “I don’t get the shoes?”
Me: (At this point being tired and ready to go home, I’m very frustrated.) “No, you do not get the shoes, you cannot do a return.”
Customer: “I come tomorrow to look?”
Me: “Fine, you can come tomorrow and look.”
(Finally the customers leave and I turn to my trainee.)
Me: “What the hell just happened.”

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