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Call Center: This is the call center, I have a caller on the line with an issue with a money order he purchased there. May I patch him through?
Me: Yeah, go ahead! Hi, this is the [store name + city] customer service desk, how may I help you?
Caller: Hi, yes. I purchased a money order there. I put it in my landlord’s mail box on thursday [it’s currently sunday] and yesterday he called me to tell me that he never received it when he got home from vacation yesterday. I still have the bottom part of my slip though. I called to see if my money order had been used and they informed me it has not been paid out. I want to know if there’s anything else I could do at this point.
Me: Well, I’m not entirely sure let me ask my coworker. [I hold my hand over the phone and turn to my coworker who’s worked there a few years more than I have] Hey, so I have a caller on the line who bought a money order, put it in his landlord’s mail box, and the landlord has claimed that he never received it. He wants to know what he can do.
Coworker: Well, he’s going to have to contact the number on the slip and see if they can cancel it. Sounds like someone stole it.
Me: [back to caller] Okay, so my coworker said that you should call the number on your slip and see if they can cancel it for you.
Caller: Well, I talked to someone here earlier and they said they’d call for me and transfer me through, but stay on the line to help. I want to speak to them!
Me [to coworker]: He said that he called earlier and whomever he spoke to said that they’d call for him and listen in on the line to help? Do you know what’s that about?
Coworker: Uh. no. But I’ll take the call anyway.
[My coworker is handling this as I get tied up doing a few other things. He’s finally done on the phone and turns to me.] I explained to him that it was most likely stolen and that he really should contact the number on his slip and cancel it. He demanded me to do something about it, like give him money back, but, I can’t. It’s all up to him now. He said “well, obviously you’re no help.” and slammed the phone. But, what I really don’t get is why you would ever put a money order in a mail box. Most of all, when you know your landlord is on vacation. Someone could easily steal that. He should have just given it to his landlord. My grandma would never ever just put money or anything important in a mail box that could easily be stolen!

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