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I am volunteering for a convention and doing line management. I was looking after the express entrance which is only for our guests, VIPs and other staff members. At this convention all attendees must have a wristband on – guests/VIPs/Staff also have special lanyards on as well to separate them.

A very high-maintenance woman tries to come past me and enter the convention. Not seeing her wristband, but wearing a Guest lanyard, I stop and ask her for her wristband.

“I was told by my actor friend that I’d be able to get in with this pass!”

She thrust it into my face and got very angry that I wasn’t rolling over for her.

“I’m sorry, but do you have a wristband waiting for you perhaps? Has he reserved one under your name?”

“No, I was told I could come straight in with this! Why won’t you let me in?”

“I’m sorry, but no wristband, no entry. You will need to buy a wristband to enter this convention”

She began stamping her feet and turned away to buy a general admission pass. She returned to the express line and held her wrist up to show me her wristband.

“See??! Wristband! Now you can let me in!”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to enter through the general admission line, this line is reserved for those with the right pass. You can enter over on your far left”

I pointed towards the line and watched her huff away. My supervisor said that this was the best angry person ever and she’d willingly tell her to ‘fuck off’ if she tried to complain about me.

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