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, | Unfiltered | September 29, 2019

(I am working at a Video Game Store where we sell not only video games, but accessories for them as well. A young man comes up holding a Ness Amiibo)

Me: Hello, how are you today?

Customer: I’m fine, just this please.

Me: Ah, nice one. You a fan of Earthbound?

Customer: Yeah, but I’m not actually gonna use it.

Me: Oh? Then what are you gonna do with it?

Customer: Well, as you know, not too long ago, Satoru Iwata passed away… you knew that, right?

(As I heard this, I felt sad. Yes, I heard about it, and it shocked me to no end)

Me: …Yes.

Customer: Well, I’m taking this to Japan and leaving it on his grave, as a tribute to him, and as a thank you, for being such an amazing man. I know of Earthbound, how he reworked the entire code from scratch and saved it.

(I was shocked to hear that, but I felt happy and tears started forming in my eyes)

Me: That… that’s so nice of you.

Customer: I know. And I hope that he can feel it, up there in Heaven.

(I rung up the Amiibo, and he left happily. if you are reading this, thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.)