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(This was about a month ago but a friend of mine told me about this site so wanted to share) I work at a sandwich shop and its our normal lunch rush. We were shorthanded due to a co worker calling in sick in the morning. A customer comes up to my counter to share his concerns…
Customer: “Yo what is taking so long?!? I ordered my food nearly 10 minutes ago!”
(I ask for the number of his order and it so happens to be that his order is the one I am currently working on)
Me: “Im working on your order right now sir, it will be out in just a moment.”
(The customer had a fairly large order and one of his items was similar to another customers order so I made them at the same time. Since the other customer only had one item, I handed out the other sandwich.)
Customer: “Hey why did he get his order before I did? I ordered before he did!”
Me: “Well sir you ordered 3 of the largest sandwiches we make and one of yours was the same as one of his so I made them at the same time.”
Customer: “Well yall need to hurry up man I got my son in the car!”
(Today was an exceptionally hot day in Florida, and its is illegal to leave small children and pets inside your car unattended.)
(By now, my manager that was on my station with me has had enough of his complaining so she interjects)
Manager: “Well im sorry sir but were gonna have to call the police, because you know its illegal to leave your child in your car while its this **** hot outside.”
(The customer begs us not to and runs outside to get his son. Sure enough when he comes back his whole order is waiting for him in a on the counter. He rolled his eyes and walked out the door.)

(The next day he comes back in and apologizes for being the way he was the day before, he said he was in a hurry and he had no right leaving his son in the car and being out of line.)