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(Working 3rd shift/audit for over 15 years has given me think skin, especially being female. Few things shock me anymore about people and their bad behavior. This one has stuck with me ’cause he was rather unforgettable.)

A group had come back from Daytona Beach, FL early after a fuel truck fire caused by a car hitting it cut the race short. On their way back, the race started again after the officials cleaned the mess with Tide (no joke). With me backing their idea, they decide to watch the race finish on the lobby TV so other guests are not making noise complaints about them.

The biggest guy in the group approaches me at the desk, with his more sober friend in tow: “How much to have sex with you, honey?”

“None, because we’re not having sex, sir.”

“Nonsense! All you women who work overnight at hotels are just hookers anyway, regardless of what you say. So, $100, $200, $300? We could just have sex right here, right now…”

“No, we can’t. I’m not taking you money, nor am I having sex with you. You need to go to bed now, sir.”

“How about $400, or maybe just $500! Just drop your pants, sugar, and I’ll just bend you over this short counter here, and let the guys watch me rape you right now!”

At this point, seeing no matter what I said, or how many times I said “No,” the guy wasn’t going to go away, I tell his friend, “Take him to bed right now, or out to the parking lot immediately, or I’ll have the police take him to their house right now! ’cause I’m NOT putting up with him any longer!!”

I ended up having the police show up at that point due a different guest who’d called them without me knowing it when she’d gone through the lobby during this exchange and gotten concerned for my welfare. I never did find out who she was, but was thankful for her intervention! My general manager relieved me in the morning, and I asked her to make sure that group never came back to the hotel. She was happy to oblige when I told her the offer he’d made me – and what his friend had said when I’d seen him at 6am on his way to breakfast: that the guy’s behavior was like that, drunk OR sober!!

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