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This story is actually about twenty years old, but I still remember it clearly as if it was yesterday.

Our family of six had just finished up a ski vacation when we arrived in bad weather at the old Stapleton Airport. Almost every flight was cancelled due to the snow storms and high winds. We were at the service counter for our airline in a long line. Almost all of the customers were tired and grumpy to say the least.

There was a single elderly customer service agent handling the crushing workload. We noticed that as every customer left the counter, there was a big smile on their faces. We had no idea what they were smiling about.

When it was finally our turn after a two-hour wait, he helped book us on another flight. As he was handing our new tickets to us, he smiled and said “I was able to get you inside seats!” meaning we didn’t have to sit on the wing!

I know it seems kind of silly, but I’ve never forgotten the kindness that this stranger showed everyone in a difficult situation. He made a difference.

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