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(My mother, sister and I are at [Iconic Fast Food Place] and we step up to order. There is only one register open, so we’ve been waiting awhile.)

Cashier: How may I help you?
Mom: I’d like a Number 7 with Dr. Pepper, 3 [Iconic Burger], 1 of those with NO pickles or cheese, and a large order of fries.
Cashier: Will that be all?
Mom: Yes.
Cashier: Your total is [Total]
Mom: *pays and steps aside so next person can order*
We all went and sat at a table to wait for our order. We quietly complained to each other about the noisy kids in the play area.
Cashier: Order Number 40 is ready. (our order)
Mom: *grabs bag and brings it to table to check it* It’s good, let’s go.
We drive home and pull out our food. My sister finds a ticket attached to one of the burger boxes that says: “NO PICKLES, NO CHEESE.”
Sis: This must be mine. *opens box to find burger with ONLY pickles and cheese* Well that sucks.
Me: Mom, I knew we should’ve double checked it.

My mom took the pickles and cheese off of her burger and traded with my sister. It was an unpleasant experience due to the noisy play area, long wait times, and incorrect order.

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