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(I was off the day this happened, but my coworker told me about the most racist customer she had ever met. Our store is small, so we only have 8 workers in all, and the day in question, all of our workers were Hispanic.)

Customer: *approaching register with a Hawaiian hat* Yeah, hi, I found this hat back there and the sticker said it was $2.97. I just wanted to check if that was the right price.

Coworker: No, ma’am, the price is $12.97.

Customer: What?? That’s such bullsh**! It says right back there $2.97. It’s not my fault that you had the wrong price on it!

Coworker: Well, ma’am, sometimes other customers will take stickers off of other products and place it on something they want in hopes of getting that item for a much cheaper price.

Customer: Are you calling me a liar? And a thief? *Throws hat at coworker*

Coworker: No, ma’am, I’m not. I’m just telling you-

Customer: *Yelling* I heard what you said!

Coworker: Okay, I apologize, ma’am, if I offended you. I’ll go back there to check the price out and see where the $2.97 came from.

(She heads to the back, and the customer goes with her)

Customer: I cannot believe how incompetent you people are. My time is valuable, and I am wasting it in this crap store with lazy a**Hispanics. Bet none of you are even legal.

Coworker: Actually, I was born and raised here, ma’am.

Customer: *acting like she said nothing* I didn’t ask for your life story, did I? There, see? That is the sticker right there, and it says $2.97

Coworker: *Pushes back sticker on the tag in front of the Hawaiian hat, and it clearly says $12.97, but someone had curled it so it looked like $2.97* That shows the correct price right there, ma’am. I cannot give it to you for $10 cheaper.

Customer: *gets furious* That’s not even the one I’m talking about! I’m talking about the one down here! *Points to one that’s obviously marked for a flimsy, plastic police hat*

Coworker: That is for that police hat. The SKU number is different.

Customer: I want to talk to your manager. You are being rude.

Coworker: I’m afraid my manager is off today, but my assistant manager is here.

Customer: FINE! God, whatever! *Goes back to pretend talking under her breath as she follows my coworker to the front* I f***ing hate this place, you’re just wasting my time! My time is f***ing valuable. Stupid wetbacks.

(My coworker begins to explain the situation to my coworker in English, but slips up and finishes a sentence in Spanish and the customer suddenly goes nuts.)

Customer: You did not just f***ing insult me! This is not Espanol Country, this is the US and you need to be speaking English in front of me. I cannot believe how f***ing rude you just were!

Asst. Manager: She wasn’t trying to be rude, ma’am, she was just telling me-

Customer: I do not f***ing care what she was trying to tell you, b****. You need to remember the white girl is important and you do not f***ing piss her off, because she makes your f***ing paycheck! And you are not getting my godd**n money! *Produces her middle finger at them, then turns to the newest employee who has been there a month and is standing there, watching the whole exchange* F***ing lazy wetback sp*cks! Maybe you should do your f***ing jobs and price things instead of standing around!

(I would never have believed her if the same woman had not come in a few days later, while I was working, to complain about the f***ing lazy wetback sp*cks to my manager, and accused my very white manager of being racist against English people. She promised never to come back to our store, and my manager assured her she need not come back in, because she was banned.)