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(I typically work front counter at my job. In the front lobby there is a metal railing to separate the lines during orders. Bored children usually play on this while their parents are getting their order taken. One evening a man and his two young sons come in. Almost immediately his children are climbing on the railing.)
Me: “Hello! What can I get for you this evening?”
Man: “I just need 4 large drinks, please.”
(At this point, the younger son has decided the railing is boring and starts to head out the door. The dad notices this and calls him over.)
Man: “[Name], stay inside or I’ll spank you.”
(The son, obviously testing his dad, smirks and goes outside.)
Man, to me: “Excuse me a moment.”
(He walks to the door, and the son, seeing his dad was not kidding, runs back inside, past his dad, and hits his mouth on the railing. Thankfully, he isn’t bleeding, but he does begin to cry.)
Man: “That’s what you get for not listening to me.”
(Unsure of what to do after what I just witnessed, I finished ringing up the drinks and said good night. After the dad fills the cups and hands one to each of his sons to carry they leave, the younger son still in tears.)