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(I’m a front end supervisor and run our service desk, thus I have to answer a lot of customer questions, especially about our coupon policy. We almost always have a coupon available that can be used on most items in our store, but they usually only work on one regular-priced item, and are limited to one coupon per person, per day. I’m called over to a register where a customer is checking out.)

Coworker: “Er… could you come over here for a moment?”
Me: *walking over* “Sure! How can I help?”
Customer: “This coupon is off one item, so shouldn’t it come off these candles?” *points to 3 candles, which are sold individually and are also on sale*
Me: “If they weren’t on sale you could use it on one of them, but our coupons don’t generally work on sale items.”
Customer: “But they’re 3 for $10, that makes them one item!”
Me: “… No, it doesn’t. They’re still 3 items. The coupon is off a single item, not a group of the same item. And besides, they’re on sa-”
Customer: “They’re 3 for $10! That means they’re one item!”
Me: *realizing the customer will not be convinced that 3 items do not suddenly become 1 simply because they’re on sale, I change my tactics* “Regardless, they’re on sale and our coupon doesn’t work on sale items.”
Customer: “Oh, okay.”
Me: *walks away trying not to grimace at the idiocy of some people*