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(An older lady comes is in my line and I begin ringing up her large order. She has ten of a protein bar that I know currently has coupons in the aisle with the bars)

Lady: *as I scan the bars* I have a coupon for those.

Me: Great! *applies the single coupon*

Lady: Can’t I use it more than once?

Me: No, I’m sorry ma’am. Manufacturer coupons are treated same as cash. Our policy is that we can only use one coupon per item, and I have to have the same amount of coupons in my drawer or my till will be short. But if you would like to go back to the aisle while I finish ringing up your groceries, I’ll be happy to apply them!

Lady: *sighs* No! I don’t want to go all the way over there! (the aisle is literally right behind me)

Me: Alright, if you’ll hold on just a moment I can go get you more coupons.

Lady: NO! Just hurry up and finish already!

Me: Yes ma’am… *I finish scanning and bagging her groceries and put them all in her cart*

Lady: Oh, I have rainchecks too.

Me: *slightly taken aback* Yes ma’am… Just a moment…

(at our store, you have to put in the new price when you ring the item up. I examine her rainchecks, then pull the necessary items out of her bags, void them, and ring them up for the price on the rainchecks*

Me: Alright ma’am, your total is [total].

(she huffs, pays, and leaves. Later my manager tells me that I got a customer complaint. She complained that I wouldn’t use her coupon more than once, and when our manager repeated our policy, she told her that I rolled my eyes at her! Thankfully my manager laughed when she told me, as she knows I would never roll my eyes at a customer.)