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(My husband and I are on a bus coming to visit Canberra from the South Coast. It is around a 4 hour journey, part of it going up a mountainous road. The bus breaks down a couple of times on the mountain because it overheated, but both times we were able to wait it out until the engine was cool enough to start again. The bus driver apologises profusely each time, and we all tell him not to worry as it was not his fault, but one passenger is getting really cranky. We make it to Canberra, late, and the bus breaks down again nowhere near the bus stop and won’t start up again. While the rest of us are calling a cabs and consoling the driver, the angry passenger is loudly complaining on her phone.)

Angry Customer: “Ugh! The driver is useless! Three times we broke down, THREE!!! F****** ridiculous!”

(The driver hears the loud exchange, and looks really upset. My husband and I console him and tell him to stop apologising like it was his fault because it wasn’t.)

Me: *to the bus driver but loudly so the angry passenger can hear me* “If anyone got mad at you for something that is out of your control, then they are just crazy. It’s not like you planned for the bus to break down, making you late to get home to your family after an extremely long trip! You’re only human, after all. Thank you very much for getting us this far. It was a great effort and we really appreciate it!”

(The angry passenger gives us an angry glare. My husband and I got in our cab and headed into the city and called a cab for an elderly couple of ladies who did not have a mobile phone to call for a cab. The angry passenger got off the bus and stormed angrily off somewhere, like the world was scheming against her.)