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My library, like most public libraries, has public computers for patrons. So of course, computer skills vary.

One day, a patron calls me over for assistance.

Patron: “How do I send an email?”

Me: “Well, you’ll need to setup an email account, with Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail…”

Patron: “Oh, I have one. I’m already signed in.”

Me: “Oh…okay. Uh, just click on the email button and compose your email then.”

Patron: “I didn’t know I could do that!!”

I’m still not sure what she was using her account for then. Still, it doesn’t beat my favorite patron question. If you click on the internet explorer icon, it opens to our homepage automatically. Apparently, this is too much to handle, as the question is often asked:

“How do I get on the internet from here?”

“Sir/ma’am, you already are on the internet…”

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