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(Backstory: i’m covering for someone on the floor. This interaction takes place towards the end of my shift)

*Sees customer come up to the till*

Me: “Hi, how are you?”
Customer: “I’m in a bit of a rush. I’ve got kids to pick up. I saw this dress online and i couldn’t order it. Do you have it in?”
Me: *We’re a small store so i already knew we didn’t have it, but protocol says i still need to check for it* “So we dont have it in our store. Would you like me to check to see if [bigger store nearby] has it?
Customer: “Yes”
*[bigger store nearby] didn’t have it*
Me: “So it looks like [bigger store nearby] doesn’t have it either. Would you like me to see if i can order it in for you?”
Customer: “Yes, but i’m in a rush”
Me: *I cant order it in because the item is from a previous season collection and we’ve change our stock already. I try to explain this to the customer*
Customer: “So…could i give you my number and you ring me when it’s it?”
Me: “Sorry, but thats not possible. I could give you our stores number and you can call us to see if we have it back in stock.”
Customer: “That wont do. I have to go now. I’m in a rush. Thanks”

*I’m not always on the floor and if i am it’s to do something important. I also cant check items from off the floor. So this woman wanted me to drop everything, to go and check if a dress, that i already knew wasn’t available anymore, was in, and call her when it was. And she also came in “quickly” when she knew she had to pick up kids. This isn’t the worst interaction i’ve had with customers, but it was one of the stupidest*

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