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(I’ve recently joined a Big Red Retail Store and while I have just over 2 years of experience cashiering, I am forced into taking a position in stock as they don’t have any positions open for cashiering. I adapt quickly to the new position, thankfully. On Sunday we have ad set up in the early morning for the week, and one set up involves two completely different sales on two different brands of soda. The deals are a similar 3 for $12 but one is on twelve packs and one is on 6 pack bottles, 8oz 8 packs of cans, and 8oz 8 packs of bottles. I’m called up to help ring through a morning rush.)
Me: Just the pop and tissues, then?
Customer: Yeah. Hey, the pop’s on sale, right?
(Not looking at the pop yet as I’m still signing onto the register, I nod.)
Me: Yup, pop’s on sale.
(Ringing the three twelve packs through, I pause when I realize that they didn’t ring up at 3 for $12 after the third twelve pack.)
Me: Huh. I guess…. Not?
(I glance the twelve packs over and realize that while two of the three qualify, the third is not the right kin and thus doesn’t count. I, politely, let the customer know.)
Customer: Well then I don’t want it! Just the tissues, then!
(While I have experience cashiering and am good at it, the system this company uses is different to what I’m used to. Thus it takes me a bit to find the void button.)
Customer: This is ridiculous! I don’t want any of it, never mind! If you’re going to take this long!
(She leaves. I just blink, figure out how to void out the transaction, and ring up the next woman in line.)

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