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I work as a web programmer for a small company focuses on order calculators for e-commerce. We also run several of our own calculator based websites. Because of our small company size, everybody has to help with customer support e-mails and phone calls. This particular morning was my turn, and an elderly woman called in looking for help:

Me: “[company name] this is Kristen…”
Caller: “HELLO??!!! Oh, I’m not sure I’ve called the right place.”
Me: “This is [company name], we operate [website.com] and [otherwebsite.net]. Were you looking for help with either webs…”
Caller: “I’m on internet explorer, and the text is too big – I can’t read the page.”

(Certain obsolete versions of IE from the Windows XP-era have been experiencing issues with portions of our website, so at this point I don’t think anything is amiss.)

Me: “Okay madam, which calculator are you having trouble with?”
Her: “Calculator? Why would I be using a calculator? I’m trying to read my e-mail on yahoo.com and all the text is huge – I can’t read the page!”
Me: …

Even though I really wasn’t supposed to, I ended up walking her through how to reset her text size in IE 7 anyway. I’m just baffled at how she ended up calling us, she had never heard of the company I work for or any of our websites before.