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Me (to a five-year-old) who is in the pool. ‘How old are you, sweetie?’

Boy: Five!

Me: And where is your grown up?

He starts pointing, then changes his mind, points again, and then just starts pointing randomly. We do not allow under eights in the pool on their own. He was out of his depth and clinging to the wall.

His father now takes notice and swims over from the other side of the pool.

Father: He’s with me!

Me: Yes, and he was here, out of his depth and clinging to the wall.

Father: But he is Level 10 at swimming!

Me: I don’t care if he is heading for the Olympics, you do not leave him on his own on MY WATCH!

As it turned out, if Level 10 was being able to doggy paddle, then the lad was a even crap at that. I then had to tell him to get out of the pool and then not get in the pool, all whilst his Father was completely ignoring him.

Plus, they were in the pool for about 4 hours so there was no escape! KIt was a very long shift.

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