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I work as a hostess at a well known resturant chain. This happened on a Sunday morning which is our busiest time. And it was mothers day. A elderly woman approaches the podium.

Me: Hi, Welcome to (resturant) how many will be dining with you this morning?
Customer: We’ll have 5 people and one of them is a highchair.
Me: Alrighty then would like to sit at a table for four and add a chair to the end with a wait time of 30 to 35 minutes…
Customer: Oh heavens no no no that wont do at all we have 6 people 5 adults and a baby
Me: Sorry ma’am I must have misheard you. For a wait for six it will be anywhere from 50 minutes to a hour. We have quite a few large parties of eight or more so its a bit long
(we have tables for two, four, six, and one round table which will allow nine people which has half of a party of 15)
Customer: What about that round table dear could we have that one?
(I look around the corner knowing that the party was sat quite recently they are currently ordering their drinks. Its going to be about an hour till they will begin to think about leaving)
Me: That party isn’t going to be moving soon they just sat and there is whooping 15 of them sooo…(i trail off at that point leaving a time for her to grasp at what i said. She stares at me dumb founded) I think for that specific table is going to be a hour plus.
Customer: Oh never mind we’ll take the table for six but honey before you put our name in could i ask you to shorten the time, I’m 90 years old i cant stand around that long.
Me: Are you asking me to bump you up the list?
Customer: Yes, exactly.
Me: Ma’am i cant do that the computer wont let me do that.
Customer: But im 90 years old.
(I look at my coworker and she shakes her head and turns to the woman)
Coworker: Its gonna be about a hour.
Customer: Oh nevermind we will go elsewhere.
Me: Are you sure you could look around the retail shop or sit outside on the rocking chairs that could pass the time.
Customer: No that wont do we will just leave.
Me and Coworker: Sorry we couldnt help, have a lovely Mothers day.

Another woman comes up less then two minutes later and yells at us for not shortening the time for her 90 year old grandmother. Me and my coworker continue to talk about that conversation from time to time.