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(It was my first real job, and I was around 19. I had only been working a week there, and my worst customer ever, to this day ten years later, walked in. A few of the customer’s relatives were there too.)

Me: “Hello. Good morning.”

My Worst Customer: “Hello. We need to check in.”

Me: “Ah, we are sold out.”

My Worst Customer: *already getting mad* “I had a reservation! My baby is in the car! My name is [Name]!”

Me: *checking computer* “Ah, I see what’s happened, Mr. [Name], you’re reservation was for yesterday.”

My Worst Customer: “SO. WHAT. My baby is in the car! Hurry up and get me my keys! Understand?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but since you didn’t arrive yesterday, your room was sold to someone else and we are sold out.”

(The customer’s relatives look stunned, but the customer himself starts cursing me out, swinging his fists, and behaving very threateningly that made me fear for my life. The customer was a 6 foot heavy male and I was 5′ young female. Nowadays, I know that I should’ve called the police, but back then, I was trying to be a good worker.)

My Worst Customer: “F*** YOU! It’s because of your hotel that I don’t have room! It’s NOT MY FAULT that YOU sold my room! Now get your a** in gear and give me my key, my baby is in the car!!!”

Me: “I have already told you, we are sold out and all the rooms are occupied-”

My Worst Customer: “WHY WAS MY ROOM SOLD?! @*#[email protected]!!! @*#$*@ stupid worker!!”

Me: “It is our policy sir, that if you don’t arrive.”

My Worst Customer: “F*** your policy! Manager! Now!”

(I called the manager, but she wasn’t due to arrive until a half hour. Meanwhile the customer is yelling about his baby, incompetent hotels, and grabbing my phone and blocking any other customers from getting near asking me any questions. “You’re dealing with ME NOW” he screamed. The other customers took one look at him raging around, and run away like bats from hell. Meanwhile, I’m in shaking, about to have a heart attack because I don’t know what to do. Finally the manager comes in.)

Manager: *calm* “Sir, your room was sold because you did not arrive on time yesterday.”

My Worst Customer: “Well why didn’t SHE tell me that!” *nods at me*

Me: “I did sir.”


(He starts towards me, I cower, and his relatives grab him back and hold him from punching me. I left to his screams about his baby and I didn’t go back and soon found another job where the customers don’t act like RABID animals. God help his baby, if there was one! And that was My Worst Customer Ever.)