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Her Ever-Increasing Depths Of Entitlement

, , | Right | August 29, 2021

I work at a pool where you can swim laps. During the day, we have a lot of schools that come for swimming lessons. That means that the depth of one part of the pool is 130 cm, so kids are safe. The other parts are deeper.

The lifeguards call our boss through the walkie-talkie to help them deal with a difficult customer.

Customer: “The depth of the pool has to be 150 cm. I had a car accident and now I need to do exercises in the water to rehabilitate.”

Lifeguard: “We can’t change the depth of the particular part of the pool you’re in because of the kids, but there are plenty of other parts where the pool is deeper.”

Customer: “No. I do not want to move. I also have a bad case of tinnitus, so the music has to be turned off.”

Normally, the lifeguards can do that from the first aid room, but the device is broken. That means they have to go into the restaurant attached to the pool and turn it off there. Lifeguards cannot easily leave their post, so it already takes a while before they even get to leave. This is not to the liking of the old lady, who just starts screaming and cursing at them.

Our boss arrives and repeats everything the lifeguards told her.

Customer: *Fake crying* “I’m injured! Why won’t you help me?”

Boss: “Stop crying and treat our personnel right, and I’ll turn off the music, but the lifeguards cannot change the depth of the pool.”

Afterward, the customer comes to the reception.

Customer: “I’m coming back tomorrow at 11:30 and you are to turn off the music for me.”

Receptionist: “I’ll see what I can do, but I can make no promises.”

My boss told the lifeguards that if she came back again and made a scene again, they could escort her out and call the police if necessary. I’m so done with these people that think the whole world revolves around them.

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Step One: Relabel The Doors

, , , | Working | August 19, 2021

I leave the pool with my father. The pictograms on the door of the changing rooms are not very clear. We cross two girls, surely in college, who leave the swimming pool and go toward the changing rooms.

Lifeguard: *To the girls* “This is the men’s changing rooms here.”

Girl #1: *Blushing* “Oh, we didn’t notice when we came in.”

Girl #2: *Also blushing* “We’re sorry.”

They open the door.

Lifeguard: “But now you know, you don’t have to come in.”

Girl #1: “But our stuff is in the locker room.”

Lifeguard: “You don’t have to go into the men’s locker room.”

Father: “Their stuff is here! Do you want them to go home in their bathing suits?”

The lifeguard seemed to understand and let them go. The lifeguard didn’t seem to be a jerka** trying to forbid them to go home for what was clearly an honest mistake. He seemed to not understand that if we go to the wrong locker room at the beginning, our stuff stays in the locker room and doesn’t magically change places.

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Making A Dramatic Entrances

, , , | Right | August 16, 2021

I work at a subtropical pool. I’m in charge of everything human resources-related, but I help out at the register regularly. I’m also the person my team members call when there’s an issue with customers, but obviously, no customer knows that.

A guest comes up with an entrance card that normally has ten entrances on it.

Guest: “Here’s my card, but I need new entrances.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. That’ll be [price] for ten new entrances.”

Guest: “That’s not correct. I have a disability, so I always get two free.”

Me: “No, that’s not our policy. We have reduced prices for people with a disability, but the card you chose is even cheaper than that.”

Guest: “I always get two free! If you don’t believe me, ask your colleague. He knows.”

I’m my colleague’s team leader but I ask anyway to prove my point.

Colleague: “No, we don’t do that. How would we even do that?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, like I told you before. We don’t do that.”

Guest: “I’ve been coming here for two years. I think I know better.”

Me: “Sir, I’ve worked here for four years. I’m pretty sure I know better.”

I’m so done with him at this point because a few weeks ago he yelled at another member of my team.

Me: “The only thing that we do with these types of cards is that you can take an extra person for free if you show proof of your disability.”

Guest: “That’s what I meant! Here is my friend!”

He points to someone behind him.

Me: “Are you guys together?”

Guest: “Yes, obviously.”

Me: “All right, do you have your card with proof of disability with you?”

Guest: “No, I didn’t bring it.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I cannot let your friend in for free.”

Guest: *Yelling* “But I have a disability!”

The guest’s friend comes over to calm him and tells him to just let it go. I take off two entrances from the card and do what I’m supposed to do.

Guest’s Friend: “Sorry.”

I put a warning in his client file, and he will never receive any favours from me anymore. I’m still angry whenever I think about it.

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A Man That Heated Needs A Cold A Shower

, , , , , , | Right | August 13, 2021

I work at a pool. A colleague and I are working quietly and handling customers to let them in. All of a sudden, the cleaning crew lets us know the showers are cold. I call the company in charge of them and they agree to send a technician. We tell all the customers coming in that the water from the showers is cold. A man with two young girls comes over to our reception/register.


Colleague: “I’m very sorry about that. We were just told about it and a technician is on their way.”


Colleague: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. What I can do is give you three vouchers so you can come again another time?”


Colleague: “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

The man then throws the payment terminal at my colleague’s head!


Me: “Go ahead, but please just leave.”


Colleague: “We have everything on video.”

In the end, the man left. Poor daughters, having to live with a dad like that. Physical violence, because of water that was cold.

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An Assault On The Common Senses

, , , , | Right | July 20, 2021

I work in a swimming pool that has a sauna, steam room, and spa. An older gentleman has rocked up to use the sauna. Typically, there is no problem with this, but he likes to lie down and have a nap in the sauna and then shout at staff members who check on him to make sure he’s okay. He’s been told multiple times that he is NOT to lie down and have a nap or ignore lifeguards when they ask him to give a sign that he’s okay.

There’s a rotation on the pool deck. This lifeguard is a bit more diligent in his job and sees that the headcount for the sauna hasn’t been updated for about forty-five minutes. He sticks his head in the sauna and a lady in there tells him that the guy lying down hasn’t moved for about thirty minutes since she arrived.

The lifeguard immediately asks if he’s okay. No response. He asks again, but louder and basically yelling for the person lying down to respond. No response. He taps the person on the collarbone, yelling, “Are you okay?” after radioing that we have a possible major.

Well. This old man is NOT happy in the slightest that this lifeguard has woken him up from his nap and has “VICIOUSLY” assaulted him. He goes off his nutter and has a massive argument with the manager about what the lifeguard did and he demands that the lifeguard be fired for assaulting him in the sauna.

Manager: “That isn’t going to happen.”

The old man storms off to the changing rooms and comes out about fifteen minutes later, dressed.

Old Man: “Don’t talk to me!”

After twenty minutes of waiting in the foyer, the cops show up.

Officer: “We got a report that a person was assaulted in the sau—”

They don’t even get to finish their sentence before he interrupts, yelling:

Old Man: “I’m the one who was assaulted and it was that lifeguard out there who did it and I demand that you arrest him for assault because management here won’t do anything about it!

One of the officers stays and speaks to the manager, and the man goes from yelling to sobbing about how he was viciously assaulted in the sauna, while the other officer goes and speaks to the lifeguard who explains what he did.

Officer: *To the old man* “We aren’t arresting him or taking his details because he was doing his job.”

The cops leave the facility and the old man promptly throws a massive tantrum, throwing a bin on the ground before storming out in tears. 

About four weeks later, a journalist from the local newspaper calls the facility because they have a story about the place and they want to get a comment about it.

Journalist: “An older man was assaulted in the sauna by a lifeguard and your facility has done nothing about it. The victim was left bedridden for a week and he ended up in hospital because he had breathing difficulties, was covered in bruises, and had a possible hairline fracture on his collarbone from the assault.”

Management tells the journalist what happened and we send her an incident report form, along with a few others showing that the man had been told before not to sleep in the sauna and not to abuse staff who check on him, and if they put out a defamatory story, then lawyers would be involved. Thankfully, the story was killed.

I’m working over the weekend and the man comes in with some papers that he shows me that he got from lawyers. 

Old Man: “I’m suing the lifeguard who assaulted me for damages. You have to hand over to me the full name, address, phone number, and birthday of the lifeguard.”

Me: “I’m unable to do that. Any legal action undertaken against a member of staff has to go through the council’s legal team.”

Old Man: “Are you finished?”

Me: “Yes.”

Old Man: “Good. Now do your job and give me what I have asked from you.”

Me: “I’m not able to give you that information; if you want t—”

Old Man: “Are you incapable of doing your job?”

Me: “No, sir, I am not.”

Old Man: “Then do your job and give me the details of the man who assaulted me.”

Me: “Sir, I’m not allowed to give out any personal details o—”

Old Man:This is for legal purposes! You are required to hand over the information of that lifeguard to me!

Me: “Sir, don’t yell, and no, I am bound by contract not to give out any personal details of the staff here. Any legal action goes through the council’s legal team.”

Old Man: “I am not suing the council! I am suing that lifeguard who assaulted me! If you do not hand over the information, then I’ll have you charged and thrown into prison for obstructing the course of justice!”

Me: “Go through the council lega—”

Old Man: “No! No!” *Stomping*Give me your name right now!

Me: “No. Go through the legal tea—”

Old Man: “I am not suing the council! I am suing that lifeguard; now give me his details!”

By this time, management heard the yelling and came down. Amazingly enough, a member of the council’s legal team was there and tried to have a talk with the man, but he refused because, “I AM NOT SUING THE COUNCIL; I’M SUING THAT LIFEGUARD!”

The man left, yelling at customers about how the facility was defending a man who assaulted him in the sauna and left him hospitalized. As he left, he yelled that he’d be going onto social media to have this place shut down and that he had recorded the entire incident on a hidden camera.  

To date, it’s been three weeks since this incident. Nothing has appeared on social media.

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