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Pooling Together Their Excuses

, , , , , , | Right | January 17, 2022

I work at a small hotel. The hotel has a pool that is fenced in and the two gates to it are locked when it closes at 10:00 pm. The fence and gates are about six feet tall. I am working the audit shift and get a call at around 1:00 am from a room.

Guest: “There is a lot of noise coming from the pool area.”

I walk from the lobby building to the pool area and see four people — two men and two women — in the pool. I stand just outside the pool area.

Me: “The pool is closed and you need to leave.”

Pool Guests: “We had no idea that it wasn’t open.”

I reiterate that they need to leave the pool. They try to stall, claiming that they need some time to grab their stuff. They also ask me to unlock the gates. I am still not sure why, but I decide to be petty.

Me: “If you can get in with the gates locked, then you can get out with them locked. You have ten minutes to vacate the pool, and if you don’t, then I will be calling the police.”

I walk back to the lobby building and check to make sure everything is still okay there and do a few minor tasks. About fifteen minutes later, I walk back to the pool area, and they are still there, in the pool, making no attempts to leave.

Me: “I will be calling the police now.”

They ignore me and make no moves toward leaving. I call the police and go back to the lobby building. Two minutes later, an officer arrives and confirms what is going on with me before heading to the pool area.

About six minutes later, he returns to the lobby.

Officer: “The pool is now empty, but I went to their two rooms and informed them that if they are caught in the pool or cause any other issues for you, I’ll be back to arrest them. The couple in the first room apologized and promised they’d behave. The second room was a different story.”

Me: “How so?”

Officer: “This man in the second room stood dripping wet at the door and insisted that they had never been in the pool and they were wet because they had just taken a shower. I asked if he always showered with his clothes on and he said he forgot to take them off. Then I told the man that I’d followed his wet footprints to his room. Then he told me the footprints belonged to someone else! I told him to just go to sleep and stay out of trouble.”

I documented all of that in our logbook and made notes in their folios. The rest of the night was blissfully quiet.

The Rules Were Made To Be Broken

, , , | Working | January 17, 2022

The local community center had an indoor pool. It was mostly for lap swimming, but a few hours a week, kids could use it. There were large locker rooms right next to the pool for showering and changing. The other wing of the building had meeting rooms, basketball, racquetball, and one individual bathroom without a shower.

My three-year-old son (ADHD/mildly autistic) enjoyed swimming, but the community center kept adding more rules. One rule said everyone had to shower before using the pool. Given his age and ability, I needed to help my son in the locker room. Then, they added a new rule: three-year-olds weren’t allowed to accompany a parent of the opposite sex into the locker room.

Were they really expecting all children that age to change and shower by themselves? In a room of adult strangers? After trying that just once — with me yelling through the doorway and sending random guys in to check on my son, and lost clothing and towels — I called to find out if there were any other options.

Me: “So, there’s a rule that you have to take a shower before entering the pool?”

Worker: “Yes, that’s correct.”

Me: “But what if my three-year-old needs help? The other rule says he can’t come in the locker room with me.”

Worker: “That’s correct. Anyone needing help can use the single bathroom at the other end of the building.”

Me: “But there’s no shower there, so then we’d be breaking the first rule. And it’s kind of far to walk while dripping wet after swimming.”

The worker tries to explain the same two rules to me a few times.

Worker: “Just break one rule or the other and see if anyone complains.”

After that, we didn’t renew our membership, and we tried to find other pools that were more kid-friendly.

Were… Were The Toilets Broken?

, , , , | Right | January 14, 2022

I was a lifeguard with cleaning duties. Two kids pooped in the boys’ locker room sink.

But they were short, so one of them must have been on the shoulders of the other to actually get the poop into the sink. Either that or they pooped in their hands and put it in the sink.

We used a whole jug of bleach cleaning that mess!

Makes It Easier To Do Laps

, , , , | Right | December 22, 2021

I’m working at a hotel. A guest calls down asking about cabana rentals, and after we go over that information…

Guest: “I have one more question. How much are your jet-skis for the pool?”

Me: *Pauses* “We don’t have jet-skis for the pool? It’s a standard-sized pool.”

Guest: “Seriously? I can’t believe you don’t have jet-skis! They rent them at the beach. Why can’t I rent one for the pool?”

Me: “The pool is not large enough to be safe to use a jet-ski on, sir, especially with other guests using the pool.”

Guest: “Well, that’s just stupid!” *Click*

It’s Like Renting To Children

, , , | Right | CREDIT: gimmethegudes | December 14, 2021

I work in a hotel. I cannot tell you how many times I have had people, specifically men, older than me, try to make excuses like elementary-level students. Once, I had two grown men literally run around my lobby and patio, and when I told them to stop, one said, “But he started it!” and the other, “But it’s my birthday!”

Tonight, I had two groups in the pool which closes an hour before my shift even starts; nobody should be in there if I am here. I approached the first group.

Me: “The pool is closed.”

Guest #1: “Well, what about him smoking a cigarette?”

Me: “Don’t worry, I’ll be speaking to them, too.”

Then, I walked over to the second group.

Guest #2: “Well, they were here first!”

Me: “Yes, and you just watched me speak to them, as well, but on top of the pool being closed, I can’t have you smoking in here anyway.”

I run to housekeeping to grab the towels I was headed for, come back out, and they’re all still just chilling. I approach the guest from the second group because he is closer.

Guest #2: “But I’ve stopped smoking!”

Me: “Yes, well, you still cannot be in here.”

Guest #2: “But they’re still here!”

Me: “Yes, and I will also be speaking with them again. That’s my job. Don’t worry; I’ve got this.”

I speak with [Guest #1] again.

Guest #1: “Okay, okay, okay! No need to be aggressive!”

I ran my towels to the guest who needed them, apologized for the ten-minute delay, and headed back to the desk. [Guest #1] was there requesting to rent a room. THEY WEREN’T EVEN STAYING HERE! WHAT THE F***?!

Then, he had the audacity to complain about a parking lot view when I literally just had to double-boot his drunk a** from the pool at 1:30 am.