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(Passenger 1 has been seated away from one of her two children, her two-year-old is in a middle seat several rows up. She asks Passenger 2 if she would be willing to switch seats, just for take off. When Passenger 2 says no, a woman in the row behind them offers to switch. As Passenger 1 settles her child in, the child asks why she can’t sit with her.)

Passenger 1: Well some people just aren’t very nice.

Passenger 2: Excuse me? Did you just say I wasn’t nice.

Passenger 1: Well, I was trying to help my child feel comfortable during take off.

Passenger 2: So, just because you don’t get your way, I’m rude?

Passenger 1: I have been traveling with two young children for two weeks.

Passenger 2: I don’t see how that’s my problem.

Flight Attendant: Is there something I can help you with?

Passenger 2: Yeah, this woman is calling me rude. I mean, I bought my ticket early, I got on the plane on time. Why should I have to move my seat?

Flight Attendant: (helpless and confused) I’m sorry.

Passenger 2: Yeah, not sorry enough.

Passenger 3: Look, it’s a six-hour flight. You two need to find a way to get along. We’re all going to the same place.

(Passenger 2 spends the rest of the flight staring petulantly out the window. The children are fine. When we land in California, my friend gets a good look at her.)

Friend: That woman doesn’t have bitchy resting face. She’s just a bitch.