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(My friends and I are at the deli of a known supermarket chain. There is an older woman in front of us who is getting a bucket of fried chicken.)

Woman: Why are they all breasts? Why is there so little? The other [supermarket] always has a lot more!

Deli Clerk: Sorry, I’m the only one here today. There usually aren’t a lot here.

Woman: Well you should hire more people.

(The clerk continues to fill the bucket quietly as the woman continues to complain about the lack of choices. Once the bucket is filled, the clerk hands the bucket to the woman. She removes the top and looks at the chicken before placing it on the counter.)

Woman: This isn’t fresh. I’m going to the other [supermarket].

(The woman leaves and my friends and I look at each other)

Friend #1: Did that just really happen?

Me: *jokingly* Want a bucket of chicken?

(We didn’t actually get the bucket but proceeded with ordering our meals.)