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(I work at a well known supermarket. I was in the self-checkout area with one of my coworkers, when this lady in her 30’s comes up to my coworker, looking very irritated.)
Customer: I’d like to talk to a manager. Can you call for one?
Coworker: Of course, ma’am.
(She calls for our supervisor on the radio, and within a minute our supervisor comes down. She’s also known to be the most polite out of all management and the smallest.)
Supervisor: What seems to be the problem, ma’am?
Customer: What is your policy for your employees off the clock?
Supervisor: (Appearing confused by the question) They can wear anything…why?
Customer: Well, when I was shopping, I stopped one of the employees and asked her where something was. She said she couldn’t help me because she was off the clock, and walked away! She should have been wearing regular clothes so she doesn’t get stopped again!
Supervisor: Well, ma’am, once our associates get off the clock, they usually go shopping right away. It’s easier for us to do that, than to go home and get changed before shopping. (She pauses) I’m sorry, ma’am.
Customer: (Very irate now, yelling) You’re not sorry, you little bitch!
Coworker: That was uncalled for, ma’am.
(She then proceeded to storm away with all of us looking dumbfounded. Her cart hit the doors that didn’t open in time, and then continued out after taking the doors off the tracks to keep them open and closed.
It turns out that the particular associate she asked was on her phone too when she got off work, which is obviously a sign that someone isn’t on the clock or able to help!)

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