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(I’m the cashier in the story. I work at a well known grocery store. This lady was pleasant, until the end of the transaction.)
Me: Hello, how are you today?
Lady: Fine.
Me: -ringing up her groceries- Did you find everything okay?
Lady: Yes.
Me: -realizing that she isn’t going to really talk much, so I don’t ask anything else-
(End of Transaction)
Lady: I have these coupons.
Me: Okay, I’ll take them.-starts scanning the coupons-
Me: Oh, it looks like these didn’t verify. Let me verify that you bought the items.
(We are having a big savings thing on these cakes, lunch meat, cheese, bread, zip-lock bags, & chips. This coupon set gives us trouble a lot.)
Me: Mam, I’ll need to verify that you bought the sandwich bags. (She has a free zip-lock bag coupon in the set, which is up till $3.00 of value. Her bags are more expensive, at $3.67.)
Me: Mam, I can’t use this coupon. The bags can’t cost more than $3.00.
Lady: No, it’s on any zip-lock bags! I want my $3.00 off.
Me: Mam, this coupon only works on zip-lock bags under $3.00 in cost. (Note-they’re supposed to be free, not $3.00 off.)
Lady: No, it’s $3.00 off! Now, give me my $3.00 off!
Lady: No zip-lock bag costs less than $3.00.
Me: -does as she says, realizing it isn’t worth it & that she’s not too bright. Obviously, she wasn’t looking hard enough or wanted to try to weasel her way into getting money off a more expensive version of the bags.-
Me: -smiling strained-Have a nice day!
Lady: -walks away, with her $3.00 off bags, pushing her cart, not saying anything-
Me: -thinking- Well, I hope those bags break on you, bitch. No need to get in my face over a coupon.