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I work in the warehouse at a well known office supply retail store. Even though it’s a busy store, there’s only myself and my best friend who work in the Receiving/ICS position. She’s a very attractive, skinny girl and occasionally gets hit on by a few of our non-regular delivery drivers. Luckily she’s alright with it, provided it stays friendly. I’m highly protective of her in the same way an older brother would be of his younger sister. I know she can handle her own, but sometimes I have to step in and set matters straight. Thankfully those few times where I did have to say something, that was the end of the matter.

One day I’m chatting with my brother, who happens to work in shipping at a popular automotive warehouse a few blocks away. He asks me if I’m familiar with a particular driver who works for the freight division of a famous, international delivery company. After a brief description of the driver, I know exactly who he’s talking about as he does the same route for both our stores and he starts regaling me of the conversation he had.

Driver: “There’s this girl over at [retail store] that I’ve been trying to ask out for weeks now.”

Brother: “Oh yeah?”

Driver: “Yeah. She must be a fucking dyke because she keeps turning me down.

Brother: “I think I know who you’re talking about and, if so, I’m pretty sure she’s not…”

Driver: “No man. The bitch whore keeps turning me down. She must be a dyke. Can’t stand girls like that.”

The driver keeps going on and insulting her before finishing up his pick up and leaving.

A few days later the same driver makes a delivery at my store. I’ve told part of the story to my friend/co-worker and she opted to disappear for a few minutes when we saw the driver’s truck back into our loading bay. I remain friendly with him during the delivery portion and eventually sign the waybill. As he’s walking towards the man door, I call out to him.

Me: “Hey, you know [my brother’s name] over at [his store], right?”

Driver: (Slightly hesitantly} “Yeah, I do…”

Me: “He’s my brother, and we talk almost every day about stupid shit people say. Have a nice day!”

I give him a big smile and close the door behind him.

I ended up calling his supervisor and let him know about what happened. I later found out that he lost his position as Shop Steward and he was put onto a different route. A couple weeks after that, he was let go after an investigation into his work ethics.

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