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I worked at a take n bake pizza place in high school. We had no oven, stove, or even a microwave.

Me: Thank you for calling (pizza place). How can I help you today?

Caller:you fucked up my pizza! This happens every time I order from you! I want to speak to your manager!

Me: I’m sorry this happened, ma’am. I’m the shift supervisor on duty tonight. Can you please tell me the problem with you order and I will do whatever I can to fix this for you.

Caller: Whatever, this happens every time. You’re not going to do a damn thing.

Me: there are a few things I may be able to do tonight but if I can’t fix this situation for you, my manager may be able to do more tomorrow. Could you please tell me the problem and we’ll go from there?

Caller: ugh, fine. The bottom of my pizza is black! It’s burned to a fucking crisp! I want a new pizza delivered right now!

Me: … Did you by chance order from (similarly named pizza place)? This is (pizza place) we don’t bake the pizzas here, only take n bake.

Called: I’m not a fucking idiot! I know where I called! Don’t fucking lie to me!

Me: Ma’am, I’m not lying. We are a take n bake pizza chain. We only make the pizzas, not cook them. And we don’t deliver. But (other pizza place) does. Would you like their number? I have it here.

Caller: … Wait, this is (pizza place)? Why didn’t you say so?! *Click*

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Some 10 years ago I was working for the Rosebud Reservation ambulance service. Most of the people I helped had a quiet dignity about them that one could not help to respect.

One night however me and my fellow EMT, a Sioux tribal member, responded to a call for a woman in distress at a private residence. When we got there my partner went in first while I followed about 30 seconds later having grabbed some extra gear.

When I entered the room with the patient my partner was already conducting the initial assessment. The woman’s husband was standing facing his wife and my partner with his back to me.

The woman was having difficulty speaking so the husband was doing most of the talking and when I walked in he was answering the questions of what/where/when concerning the woman’s condition.

I began pulling gear out of my bag when when the husband, who hadn’t yet noticed me, remarked “I’m just glad they sent one of our people and not one of those damned whites.”

At that point I, who had never personally faced discrimination in my life, could hardly believe what I just heard. I knew that racial hatred existed on the rez and why but hadn’t encountered it before then. Still, I am a man who believe in holding oneself to a Spartan degree of self control. I merely said “Excuse me?” in a flat even tone.

The husband glanced over his shoulder and froze. Now let me set the scene. The husband was 40ish stood about 5′ 6″-7″ and perhaps 170-180lbs. I was a 26 yr old man of Norse ancestory standing 6′ 1″& 215lbs & despite being a rather even tempered soul I just naturally ‘look’ mean.

The husband swallowed, stepped aside and said “Sir, I am so very sorry” Those were that last words he uttered in my presence. We transported his wife to the hospital without further incident.

Trying To Lord It Over You From The Drive-Thru

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I live in one of few states not under full quarantine yet. Many restaurants are closed except for drive-thru, including ours. A coworker of mine is taking orders through drive-thru.

Customer: “Do you read the Bible, [Coworker]?

Coworker: “No, I’m not religious.”

The customer starts ranting.

Customer: “This disease is a punishment from God! Repent while you still have time!”

She simply took his order and then he went to the next window asking the same question, again ranting when given the same answer. A few minutes later, the same customer went through the drive-thru again, this time blowing a trumpet. We still don’t know what the deal was but everyone was talking about “trumpet guy” by the end of the day.

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What A Weird Queso-tion

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Customer: “Do you have that melted cheese sauce?”

Me: “Yes, we have chile con queso.”

Customer: “Is it cheesy?”

Me: “…?”

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Customers So Bad They Manage To Make Salad Even Worse

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I work at the salad bar in a grocery store. At around 8:00 pm we start to take it down to clean it so I go through the dining room telling customers:

Me: “We’re just about to take down the salad bar if you want to get something quickly.”

Customer: “Can I get some food quickly?”

I agree. I unplug the soup pans so they can cool down. When I get back, I hear the woman on her phone saying:

Customer: “—yes, you can come, too.”

A few minutes later she, another woman, and a few kids are all getting food. Fifteen minutes later, I’m bringing back cleaning supplies to clean the area and they’re still getting food.

Me: “Are you almost done? I really need to take it down.”

Customer: “I haven’t got my food yet.”

My coworkers and I wound up finishing it almost a half-hour later than usual because they wouldn’t leave. We became much more strict about it after that. You can get a bowl of soup or a plate of salad, but you only have five minutes to get food. No exceptions.

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