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(So this woman is buying these individual plant holders, the kind you can put water in and pop onto the end of a flower to keep them from drying out, and then she bought up her phone so I could scan her coupon. The coupon she had me scan was a typical one for the store that is 40% off of One Regular Priced Item. I hit total and this is what happened.)

Her: that’s 40% off?

me: yes. It took it off of one of the items you bought.

Her: No, you’re supposed to take it off of all of them because they’re all the same item.

Me: No, that coupon is only for one item.

Her: But they did it at the other store!

Me: Well, that’s not what that coupon does. That coupon only takes it off of one item.

Her: But they did it at the other store! They gave me 40 off all of my items because they were all the same item!

Me: Yes, but that’s not the coupon you gave me, ma’am. That is what that coupon does. It takes 40 off one item.

Her: Whatever! I’m not going to argue with you.

(And then she finished the transaction and left my counter. Not five minutes later I see her babbling to my manager who is walking to the counter next to mine while she’s going “They did it at the other store! I don’t understand why you can’t either.” And my manager calmly asking “And which store did this?” Presumably to call it in, because this is not our policy at all, much less doing such a thing with that coupon.)