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(I’m working in the box office on a busy night at a movie theatre. It is busy enough that my supervisor is also on a register, at the point in the night he and I are the only ones on register. We do not have glass covering our box office, it is an open layout and it should also be noted that this supervisor and I have worked together for 2 years and are usually in the same department so he knows me probably better than most managers)

(Gentleman walks up to counter and also has a bag that he places on the counter)

Customer: Hi I’d like a ticket to movie.
Me: That will be $14.99.
Customer: *Slams $50 on counter*
Me: *Check’s bill, drops bill in large bill box* Okay here’s your ticket and your change, you’ll be in theatre 13 on the 4th floor.
Customer: This is the wrong change!
Me: Your total was $14.99, you paid with a $50, I gave you $35 and a penny back.
Customer: You only gave me $25 dollars! *He’s still holding the $35 in his hand*
Me: Sir, you are holding the $35 right now *points*
Customer: Did you just touch my food!
Me: Sir I did not touch your food I was just pointing at the change in your hand.
Customer: F****** c***! If you are so poor and on food stamps that you need to attempt to steal my food you need to learn a lesson!
Me: Sir I have no need for your food, I never touched your food and I am not on food stamps.
Customer: Get me your manager!
(At this point my manager finishes the transaction he’s working on, he and I are the only ones on register, the manager sends me to the back and gives me the non-verbal code to call security)
Customer: That f****** b**** tried to steal my food and gave me the wrong change. If she’s that poor that she needs to steal from me you need to rethink who you are hiring.
Manager: Sir as you can see I’ve been on register all night. I’ve worked with this employee for two years and I know that she is the most honest and trust worthy employee we have. I’m going to have to ask you to leave because you have no right to speak to her like that.

(We eventually had to call NYPD because he refused to leave once given a refund)

Manager: Why do you get all the insane people?