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(I used to work at a theme park. We have this system where if you have someone in your party with a handicap, you get a special handicap pass that lets you go through the exits and to the front, essentially cutting everyone in line. The guest services department writes the number of people in the party on their card, and we are only allowed to let the specific number of people on the card)

Me: Hi guys, how many are riding today?

Customer: We have 11.

*look at the card, card says 7*

Me: Ok ma’am, unfortunately I am only allowed to let 7 of you on this ride, since the card only has 7 on it.

*overhear one of their kids say to another “I told you they were going to notice” *

Customer: What do you mean? We have 11. Just let us on.

Me: Ma’am, I am not allowed to do that. I can only let on the number of people that is on the card.

Customer: Well, obviously you don’t know how to do your job well, and you’re holding up the line, so just let us on

*I explain the same rule to the three adults multiple times, every time ending with them saying expletives and accusing me of being racist (after I had just let another group of the same race on before them), meanwhile I explain the safety rules of the ride to the kids, all of which were extremely cooperative and nice to me. The group consisted of 3 adults and 8 kids, so all of the kids except one went on, the one who didn’t was older and said she didn’t really want to ride anyway*

Customer: *grabs the one that didn’t go on, who genuinely doesn’t care and has a look of annoyance on her face for the adult* look at her! she is devastated! Are you really going to tell me you won’t let her go on the ride? Is that what kind of person you are?

*This went on the entire duration their kids were on the ride, with them trying to convince everyone in line that I was a racist and hated their children. When the kids came back, they were all very polite, thanked me for the ride, and one even apologized to me. The main woman said she was going to report me. She never did.*

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