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(I work at a fast food restaurant during mornings. One particular day, we ran out of large coffee cups and we had to notify each customer prior to ordering their coffee that we had only small or medium cups.)

Customer (while on his cellphone): I’ll have a number one with a large coffee with two creams and five sugars.

Me: Alright, I just wanted to let you know that we unfortunately don’t have any large cups. Can I substitute your large coffee for a medium?

Customer (still on phone totally oblivious to what I said): Yeah whatever

(I prepare the customers order and serve his medium coffee while he is talking on the phone)

Customer (once again while on his cellphone): What is this? I asked for a large!

Me: Sorry sir, I had told you that we had run out of large cups and had only small or medium cups.

Customer: No you didn’t. What kind of service is this? This is ridiculous! I can’t even get what I ask for.

Me: I can always give you two medium cups with coffee (which would essentially be more than a large coffee but what choice do I have).

Customer: You’re service is terrible. I want to talk to the manager! I want you fired TODAY!

(My co-worker who is very petite comes up beside me)

Co-Worker: Hey, why are you being so rude? He had told you that we have no more large cups and you didn’t bother to listen to him because you were too busy on your phone!

Customer: Who do you think you are talking to b****?

(Finally my manager came to the scene and immediately reimbursed the customer and demanded he leave).

Moral of the story, cellphones while ordering food cause major distractions.

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