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(I work as a bagger/cart retriever in a large grocery chain, I was running carts and I waived to a customer sitting in his van, as I am supposed to)
Customer: *Waves me over*
Me: Howdy, sir. What can I do for-
Customer: Are you a spy?!
Me: What? No-
Customer: You must be, you saw me.
Me: Huh? I saw you?
Customer: How could you see me, I am behind my shield?
Me: Sir, I don’t see a shield.
Customer: My windshield. Ya know, ‘shield.
Me: Its a window, though.
Customer: I’m too dark.
Me: I can see you very clearly sir.
Customer: *Falls asleep*
Me: *Runs away to get carts, laughing the whole time*

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