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I was in the computer store the other day, and saw this
Customer: * virtually through his laptop on desk* FIX IT!
staff: what’s wrong with it
Customer: you should know, you’re the member of staff are you not?
Staff: I can only help you if you tell me what is wrong with it
Staff: sure, let me get my manager now
Manager: what seems to be the issue?
Customer: this lady won’t help me with my computer
Manager:[name], is this true
Staff: I am afraid it is, because she will not tell me the problem
Manager: I will take it from here
Staff: okay
Manager: what seems to be the issue
Customer: for bleeps sake! (He did not actually say bleeps)
Manager: I now see why she wouldn’t help you
Me: I agree, I have an iPad with an issue and if I was asked the issue, I would’ve said so
Customer: how much did you pay her to say that
Me: what the bleep, She did not
Staff: you have been exceptionally mood, get out
Customer: fine * walks out without laptop*
Me: thank bleeping god