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(I briefly worked as a customer service rep for a car insurance company after college. All reps for this company are licensed insurance agents who went through 8 weeks of training before even taking a call. I the shift from 2pm to 10pm. It is a pretty slow night, so it looks like I’ll be able to log out of the queue on time [and avoid getting in trouble for working overtime], when a call comes through at 9:58pm.)

Me: Hello and thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [Name], how can I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I got this letter in the mail saying you’re canceling my insurance, but I’ve paid. What’s going on?

(I take the customer’s information and look up her account. I see that we are cancelling her insurance after paying out over $500,000 on claims from three different accidents in the past year.)

Me: M’am, unfortunately we are terminating you insurance with us. As the letter states, though, you will be covered through the end of you term, (date 5 months away). We would never terminate you coverage midterm, so you will have time to find new insurance.

Customer: What?! This is ridiculous! How can you do this? I’m a paying customer, I paid my insurance! You can’t cancel on me, I paid you!

Me: I understand. We are continuing to insure you through the end of your term, which you have paid for. Your coverage will not be terminated, but will non-renew at the end of your term, at which time —

Customer: How can you do this? This should be illegal! Why the f— would you terminate my coverage?

Me: (very uncomfortable about having to answer this, as it is spelled out clearly in the letter she received.) Well, m’am, it looks like the reason is that you’ve been classified as a high risk policy, and we can’t afford to cover you any longer.

Customer: WHAT?! You can’t do that! You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, you’re not allowed to do that! Shame on you! Shame on you for this, how can you do this?! Okay, I’m sorry. (she takes a deep breath) Not shame on you — I know it’s not your fault, but shame on your company! This is disgusting, how you can get away with doing this to people!”

(She continues ranting. I can barely get a word in. It is well past the end of my shift now, and she’s getting more and more worked up.)

Customer: You know what? Shame on you too! I take it back! Shame on you for working for such a disgusting company! You’re disgusting for working for them! You should be ashamed, I don’t know how you live with yourself, doing this to people like me! My boyfriend works on the radio, you know that?! HE’S ON THE RADIO. HE HAS HIS OWN SHOW. I’m going to tell him EVERYTHING about how you’ve treated me and what you’ve done to me, and he’s going to tell EVERYBODY how crooked (Company) is and you’ll lose everything! And you deserve it, you disgusting little –”

(I look at my clock. It is now 10:45pm. Obviously, this call is going nowhere.)

Me: (Interrupting the customer mid-rant, speaking in an over-the-top polite way) M’am, is there anything else that I can DO for you?


Me: Have a good night. *click*

(I clocked out immediately. My coworkers all came over and gave me a pat on the back for having to deal with such a nasty person, but I still had to sit in my car for 30 minutes before I stopped shaking enough to be able to drive home.)

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