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We are a town known for our Spring Break and as a result alcohol and tobacco sales are very limited. The store I work in has an extremely strict policy on these items. Along with several other rules, you MUST card EVERY person, EVERY time. NO exceptions.

Cashiers are monitored via CCTV and if a purchase is made without showing ID the cashier is immediately fired. One of our employees has just been let go for failure to check ID when this occurs:

My coworker has just declined the sale of a woman (claiming to be) in her 40’s for lack of ID.

Customer: “I’m not some d–mn Spring Breaker!! I’m clearly old enough!! This is bull—!! I’M FROM HERE!!”

She tries to grab the beer from my coworker and leave with it anyway but after a short wrestling match my coworker wins. The woman walks away as if she’s leaving the store but runs and grabs another 6 pack and gets in my line.

Me: “Hello! How are you today? Unfortunately….”

As I’m moving her 6 pack and before I can decline her sale the Customer (with extremely thick Southern accent) replies: “I’m doing fantastic, honey! How are you?  I just can’t believe all these people here! I’m from Louisiana and—-”

Me & My coworker in unison: “Get out.”