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(my shift for the day is close to ending, and I’ve had a particularly rough day.)
customer: (somewhat rudely) excuse me! Can you get this printer for me?
Me: suuuure  (not understanding why she couldn’t pick up the 15lbs box herself. I bring it to the register as she follows).
Customer: i need the ink for it too.
me: yea I’ll get that too (now more irritated for thinking this lady is just being lazy).
As i bring her the ink, the customer thanks me for my help and holds out her hand to shake mine, something most customers never do.
customer: go get yourself a beer after this. Retail sucks.
i open my hand to find a $5 bill.
Me: ma’am,  i can’t accept ti-
Customer: no! You get yourself a drink! Have a great day!
She totally made my day.

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