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In this story, I’m fairly new at the customer service counter in a major retail store. A older man comes in for an exchange. It turns out he doesn’t have a receipt, which makes things trickier, but not difficult. He’s been grumpy, but not rude, until this:

Me: I need your ID, sir, since you don’t have a receipt.

Man: (sighs dramatically to show me his ID) Fucking ridiculous.

Me: I actually need to scan the ID, sir, so if you don’t mind taking it out of your wallet? (He just stares) I’m sorry sir, I know it can be a hassle.

Man: (mumbles a couple profanities under his breath) I don’t take my ID out for anyone! I don’t even take it out for a police officer.

Me: I’m sorry, again, sir. If you prefer, I can call my manager up so they can override it and I can type in your info. It may take several minutes to have them come up, as they are in the back with a vendor. If you don’t mind a brief wait, I can go ahead and call for them to come up. I wish it were easier, sir, but I can’t change the way it works.

Man: (he sighs dramatically, curses, obviously thinking over whether he wants to wait for a manager) Fine. This is bullshit. (takes ID out)

Me: Thank you very much sir. Again, I apologize. I’ll get things going right away.

He mumbled more profanities while I finished the exchange, which went fine after I quickly scanned his ID. All that cussing because he bought the wrong bathroom cleaner!