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(I’m a girl in my early twenties, working Saturday night behind the bar and it’s been a relatively slow night with no drama. A customer around my age walks up to the bar and looks at me intensely. This guy has been to our pub several times before.)

Customer: “I feel like I’ve seen you before somewhere. You look so familiar.”
(I steady myself for the usual lines that we get every night.)
Me: “Probably here at the pub.”
Customer: “No, that’s not it.. OK, this is gonna sound weird but have you ever been arrested?”
(I’m starting to feel the warning signals)
Me: “No….”
Customer: “Well I’m a cop so I thought that might have been it. You see we made this arrest at a brothel a while back.”
Me: “Umm, alright… Well I’m afraid I wasn’t there..”
(He seems to suddenly realize what he’s implying.)
Customer: “Oh no I’m not saying I thought you worked there, there were just so many of their customers outside that we had to talk to so I though you might have been one of them.”
Me: “…Yeah, no…”
(There is a long awkward silence and I’m starting to move away, wanting to get far away from him)
Customer: “I really screwed this up didn’t I?”
Me: “Pretty much.”
(He walks away after this and I will avoid any future conversations with that guy.)

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